"Iki” is a Vienna based nonprofit membership organization which was established in 2008 at the initiative of Manuel Kuschnig and Andrea Feichter, while researching for the C.J.A. Bookpublication and leaded to further activities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.
Iki seeks to establish and deepen relations with international experts and institutions in the area of Japanese design, architecture, popular culture and everyday aesthetics with a special focus on aesthetic-social phenomena in Japanese culture. The understanding of the the term “aesthetics” is hereby based on a broad understanding of aesthetics, which is found in the enactment of aesthetic research, as well as in philosophy, design, art, and history.

Furthermore, the activities extend to support and implement projects and events, in particular exhibitions and symposia in these fields of research.


Current projects:

“C.J.A. - Contemporary Japanese Aesthetics”
with WBG Zurich; Codax Publishers, Hatje Cantz. The “C.J.A.” publication is displaying the contemporary Japanese design scene in fields of graphic design, product design, architecture and popular culture. To be published 2011.

“Character Design” – “Visual Culture” – Series, Volume 2 Department of History and Theory of Visual Communication at the Faculty of the Bauhaus University Weimar; Avinus Publisher, Berlin. To be published 2011.

“Charactersafari” /// Database
Online Database for Japanese Marketing Characters